Varsana is worshiped as the place where the Queen of Vrindavan holds court for six months a year. It is filled with gardens and ponds like Radha Sarovara in the Gahavarvana Forest, which remind us of Radha and Krishna’s pastimes. Who could ever forget the walk through the forest of Varsana that brings one to the magnificent Sriji Mandir? Who could forget Mayura-kutir, the place where Radha and Krishna took the forms of peacocks to dance Their famous peacock dance? And who could forget the innumerable holy places distributed over the four sacred hills, which according to ancient scriptures are the heads of Brahma, the creator of the universe?

In Varsana, an important pastime took place, by which Lord Krishna assumed a golden color, thus indicating His future appearance as Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu. For details, ask one of the residents at Pili-Pokhara.

The tranquility of Varsana, and the atmosphere filled with remembrance of Radha and Krishna, make it an ideal place for our annual Holy Name Retreat, which is highlighted by a 12-hour kirtana in the midst of the wish-fulfilling trees of Gahavarvana Forest.

Here’s a nice song the residents of Vrindavan sing about Varsana:

O Krishna, please come to Varsana. Your beloved Radha is calling You.

O Krishna, if You do not know the way, then just come, walking street after street, and follow the call of Radha.

All of a sudden You will see a tall hill, on which the gem-studded palace of Your Radharani stands.

Just come up the stairs step by step – Your Radha is calling. With the peacock feather on Your crown and rings in your ears, You will appear very sweet.

On a flute made of fresh bamboo You will play some beautiful notes, or You might come through Sankari-khor and pass Your lake.

In Varsana there are pots filled with butter and sugar candy that You can eat with Your own hands.

Please come – Your beloved Radha is calling You.