The Retreat Center’s Design

Designing the Govardhan Retreat Center is not so different from designing a hotel or conference center. Yet this Retreat Centre will not be a hotel. It will be a sacred space at Govardhan Hill where Giriraja can work his wonders – the spiritual energy at Giriraja Govardhan can help aspirants more easily enter higher states of consciousness than is possible anywhere else, because Govardhan Hill is a place of transformation.

Whenever practical, our designers have followed vastu principles. But the Retreat Center’s primary alignment will be toward Govardhan Hill.

As far as practical the Retreat Centre will be built

  • in an environmentally friendly way
  • in a way that is harmonious with the Vrindavan surroundings
  • to be energy-efficient and “green”
  • with good, durable, quality materials
  • in a way that maintenance costs remain low.

We are planning:

  • two seminar rooms and a hall which, when extended, can host groups of more than 500 people
  • comfortable rooms – in the first phase, we will build 30, double-occupancy rooms with adjoining baths
  • VIP rooms
  • “contemplation-friendly” landscaping: the position of the buildings, the creation of a meditation garden, walls, and other forms of screening will create a number of secluded areas for chanting, reading, and meditation
  • to plant numerous trees to attract and shelter Govardhan’s birds. Flowering bushes will encourage a Vraja mood
  • bhajana-kutirs – several simple, small cottages that provide the required silence required for concentrated chanting and hearing
  • a central kirtana hall
  • kitchens for both private and group cooking