The Center

Our upcoming Retreat Center will offer an ideal facility for your spiritual retreat. Nearby is an ancient parikrama path still walked by thousands of pilgrims daily, yet the Retreat Center is set back in a peaceful, protected, and tranquil spot.

The Center will facilitate the needs of two types of retreatants: those seeking a personal retreat will find comfortable rooms with attached baths and serene landscaped areas suitable for private chanting, reading, contemplation, and meditation.

Those who would like to attend a guided retreat can join one of a number of international retreat programs, such as the Govardhan Retreat or Holy Name Retreat, which our Retreat Center will facilitate.


Why a retreat?

Spiritual seekers have been going on retreats since ancient times, using the opportunity to divest themselves of old or unwanted habits and emotions and to renew their spiritual enthusiasm or deepen their realization of themselves and God.


And why at Govardhan?

There is no better place to go on retreat than sacred Govardhana Hill. In his very last days, Srila Prabhupada himself wanted to take a bullock-cart parikrama around Govardhan. He taught us that Govardhan is hari-dasa-varya, both Krishna and Krishna’s best servant, who gave his whole body for the service of the Lord and the Lord’s devotees. Even attempting to remember Krishna at Govardhan inspires the merciful Govardhan to fulfill our spiritual desire to serve Krishna.