“My japa habits have changed so drastically that I cannot wait to put what I have learned into practice in my everyday life.” Krishna das, Belgium

“What a revelation!” Jay Krishna das, America

“I am a fan of humor – even from this perspective, the Retreat was simply great.” Bhakta Ben, Germany

“It is difficult for me to imagine the immense benefit your service has within our spiritual community. You present very thoroughly, attractively and carefully the essence of what Srila Prabhupada and the previous acaryas have taught us.” Sri Rupa das, Ireland

“When I applied what you taught, I suddenly saw Radha and Krishna sitting on a throne in my heart. They were smiling as if They were always there, but finally I was able to catch a small glimpse of Them. They smiled very lovingly and I bowed down to Them to offer Them white flowers.” Malati devi dasi, Italy

“After the Retreat I have taken the sankalpa to spend more time with my practice. I have the faith that your instructions work and following them will lead me to all-auspiciousness.” Gaurahari das, Germany

“After 13 years of chanting, I finally got a drop of taste for the Holy Name. Thank you for saving me.” Anupama devi dasi, Croatia

“This Retreat was my big experience so far in my spiritual life. Thank you! I now have a new life project. Let me see what will happen.” Dinadayal das, Radhadesh

“I have waited for this Retreat for a long time. Finally, it came and I was allowed to take a step closer to Krishna. The Holy Name is a person and I want to meet this person.” Syama-sakhi devi dasi, Australia

“I am very, very grateful to you for this experience. It was a breakthrough which would not be possible without your help and guidance.” Bhaktin Anna, Denmark

“I have no words to express how I feel now. I just can express my gratitude. I am so fortunate. I pray that the seed you have put in my heart will blossom soon.” Subhadra devi dasi, Croatia

“If someone would ask me how long I am chanting, I can and must answer: since yesterday, because it was yesterday during the Retreat that I could for the first time experience the nectar of the Holy Name.” Bhaktin Matilda, Poland

“I am very grateful for this outstanding Retreat. You are facilitating our way to Krishna so nicely.”

“Thank you for giving this Japa Retreat. What can be more important for the followers of Srila Prabhupada than to work on the quality of their chanting? Your seminar is more that a retreat because it is so well-prepared and based on sastra. It is loaded with your sincere desire to help the ISKCON devotees worldwide to improve their chanting in such way that it has a transformational effect. Next time I hope to be present fully.” Hridaya Caitanya das, GBC

“Thank you very much for all your sweating and hard work to bring us to a different place. I am aware of what has been done. Thank you.” Sudevi dasi, teacher at the Radhadesh College