The exalted position of Sri Radha-kunda, “lake of Radha,” is praised by the great saint Raghunatha dasa Goswami with these words:

Although Sri Govardhan is the area where the confidential loving pastimes of the Divine Couple take place, there is still one place in Vrindavan still higher. All the other pastime places are not equal to a mere shadow of the glories of Radha-kunda, which is as dear to Krishna as Srimati Radharani Herself. (Vraja-vilasa-stava)

By merely bathing once in Radha-kunda one can be overflooded with the most exalted divine love.

Mantras for taking bath in Radha-kunda:

radhika-sama-saubhagyam sarva-tirtha-pravanditam prasida radhika-kunda snami te salile subhe

Your good fortune is equal to that of Radhika herself. You are honored by all holy places. O Radhika-kund, please favor me. I am now bathing in your sacred waters.

Mantras for taking bath in Syama-kunda, Radha-kunda’s neighboring pond:

udbhutam krsna-padabjad arista-vadhatas chalat pahi mam pamaram snami syama-kunda jale tava

You were born from the lotus foot of Krishna on the pretext of his killing Arista. O Syama-kunda, please protect me, a most fallen soul. I am now bathing in your waters.