Our Vision

Knowing well the profound potency of holy Sri Vrindavan-dhama, our vision for a spiritual retreat center at the foot of Giriraja Govardhan is founded on the devotee community’s ever-increasing need to have a place in Vraja to enter deeper into spiritual practice in the association of other sincere seekers. We wish to provide a setting for individual and group retreats in this sweet and most holy of places.

The Center’s land is located about 250 meters from Giriraja Govardhan, between the villages of Govardhan and Jatipur.

The Center is designed to

  • be simple, soothing, peaceful, and sattvic
  • inspires contemplation and spiritual growth
  • encourage and enable entrance into personal sacred space
  • be saturated with the mood of Vrindavan

The Center will attend to the needs of two groups of visitors, each with its own focus:

  • ISKCON devotees seeking to deepen their Krishna consciousness and faith – so a peaceful place conducive to spiritual practice
  • General spiritual seekers who come to Vrindavan to be introduced to the sacred Gaudiya Vaishnava tradition – so an attractive environment in which to explore the teachings of bhakti-yoga

All rooms will be simple but comfortable and clean, so participants can relax and stay focused on their spiritual interests.