HG Jagattarini Mataji

teacher-jagatarinimatajiHG Jagattarini Devi joined ISKCON and first met Srila Prabhupada in Los Angeles in 1970. Along with her husband, Bhurijana Prabhu, Jagattarini Devi pioneered ISKCON in Hong Kong. Srila Prabhupada encouraged her to use her artistic talents to attract people to the cultural side of devotional service. Some years later, she developed a series of puppet shows while she was living at ISKCON Pennsylvania’s farm, Gita-nagari, and these shows were videoed, sent out worldwide, and are still enjoyed by devotee children everywhere. In 1983 she moved with her family to Vrindavan, and spent the next thirteen years teaching at Bhaktivedanta Gurukula.

In her spare time she went regularly to significant holy places throughout the outlying Vraja district. Gradually, through these tours, Jagattarini Devi amassed a treasury of realizations about the pastime places themselves along with a deep attachment to them.

Since 1996 Jagattarini Devi and her family have been living in Perth, Australia, where she continues to draw inspiration for her art from Vrindavan. In 1998 she began working with a variety of mediums to produce miniature, three-dimensional diorama exhibits depicting Krishna’s Vrindavan pastimes. She has established these dioramas in the Sacred India Gallery, which is meant to attract people to the glories of Sri Vrindavan Dhama and is located on a five acres property fondly called Gopinatha Dhama.