You’ll find Govardhan Hill on a map of India about 80 km NW of Agra. On a transcendental map, however, Govardhan is at the center of the spiritual world, Goloka Vrindavan.

When Krishna lifted Govardhana Hill, He wanted to show that taking exclusive shelter of His lotus feet protects us from all obstacles and dangers – even the wrath of an offended King Indra, who attempted to flood Vrindavan. It was no effort for Krishna to protect either His land or His devotees; He simply lifted Govardhan over His head like a huge umbrella and offered whoever wanted it shelter. Nothing has changed. Taking shelter of Giriraja Govardhan still offers pilgrims perfect spiritual security and, magically, fulfills their desires.

The residents of Vrindavan know Govardhan’s mood. Brijabasi schoolchildren circumambulate Giriraja for help in their upcoming exams and farmers pray for a good harvest. But devotees know that Giriraja Govardhan can bless them with the ultimate gift – pure love of Sri Sri Radha and Krishna and the opportunity to serve Them.

Giriraja can best be served by circumambulating him, engaging in kirtana, and hearing and chanting the glories of Giridhari Krishna, who held him aloft for seven days on the little finger of His left hand. Some perform their worship by continuously offering him their prostrated obeisances as they circumambulate.

Govardhan prayers

Obeisances to you, who are the crown of Goloka and who sits on Vrindavan’s lap. Obeisances to Govardhan, the umbrella of the Supreme Personality of Godhead! (Spoken by Sri Krishna in the Garga-samhita 2.2.15)